Sinclair User

Smash Out!

Author: Chris Jenkins
Publisher: Pirate
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #69

Smash Out

Forget all the plop on the insert, this is a Breakout done with stunningly average graphics and a few good sound effects. While the movement is fairly smooth, the bat flickers perceptibly, and the screen layouts are dullsville.

However, to pep things up, you can design your own screens, using the cursor keys to select and place various typos of block, which can include squares which reverse the controls, double the size of the bat or increase its speed. There's also a magic square which if hit completes a level.

A bit of an insult to the intelligence compared with products like Arkanoid, but at this price the screen designer might tempt you to give it a bash.

Overall Summary

Pretty dreadful Breakout clone saved only by its entertaining screen designer.

Chris Jenkins

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