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Home Computing Weekly

Smash And Grab
By Superior
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #82

What a super game! This one has had me laughing since it arrived. I've had to steal myself away from it just to get the review written.

Fancy robbing a bank? Then this is just the game for you.

The story is that you have kicked a brick through the bank's window and all the nice gold-filled money bags come tumbling out all around the neighbourhood.

You then wander about catching them and adding them to your secret store, easy as stealing candy from a baby... until the local constabulary start to chase you. This is, to me, the finest feature of the game, the range of movement that the policeman displays is truly fantastic. He will jump on you, jump up at you, hit you, stab at you and even lie down to poke you, if you're beneath him.

There is a way to stun him but not for long enough, I think. Added to this are flying police cones, which you can only kick, traffic lights, alarm bells, flying dustbin lids and you have a truly addictive game. Well done, Superior.