Slap Fight
By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Computer & Video Games #104

Slap Fight

Hands up all you lot who thought Orac was the little, electronic talking box from Blake's Seven. Wrong! Well, technically, you're absolutely right, but not in this case. Orac is, in fact, an enemy planet which you, in your Slap Fighter, must penetrate and crush into little pieces before the armies stationed there assemble and launch an all-out assault on Mother Earth.


And with only a measly little pea-shooter of a gun to fight with, you're gonna wish you ate four Shredded Wheat this morning! But don't get too worried, as you can collect extra weapons too, and equipment along the way - whew! Well, what can one say about this genre that hasn't been said before - vertically scrolling, weapon-collecting, end-of-level guardian blasting, mindless shoot-'em-up action?

Slap Fight

Not a lot really, except that this one's better than a lot which you'll see at budget price, with pretty spaceships and backdrops, lots of colour and generally rock-hard gameplay which'll glue you to your swivelly chair. In all, not bad at all.


As budget shoot-'em-ups go, there are few as good as this. Get a copy if you aren't heartily sick of the whole spaceship-blasting thing.


Hmmm, not as hot as the C64 version. The game's the same, only the graphics are monochrome yellow, and that's just the job for the fabled disease, Invisible Bullet Syndrome.