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ZX Computing

Skool Daze
By Microsphere
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #19

Skool Daze

Microsphere have produced a game that will teach you to spell, as in the title, not teach obedience or good manners, but will enable you to enter a classroom where you can do what you like, and even invent names for the lengthy cast.

You are Eric, a mischevious little brat whose school report is locked away in the staffroom safe. You have to get this report before the headmaster does, or else. In order to uncover the hidden combination, the shields that are hanging on the walls have to be hit. The masters will become disorientated by the flashing shields and will reveal part of the combination. The only problem, of course, is the history master, who cannot remember his part, so you must get his brthday out of him, and write this on the blackboard, at which point his memory will be jogged and he will reveal all.

As well as this task, you must take part in the normal activities of school, which involve going to lessons and playing. If you do not go to the correct classroom at lessontime, you will receive lines as punishment. More than 10,000 lines will end this game as Eric is suspended from the school with writer's cramp. Finding a seat during a lesson is not always as easy as it seems as they are soon taken up by other pupils. Even if you manage to find a seat, you are invariably shoved off onto the floor, gaining more lines. This school is very much like a cartoon strip, and the characters could be straight from The Beano.

The graphics are fair, but not so clear although they do not really let the game down too much, as it is very enjoyable playing school, fighting the bully, using catapults and having lessons with Mt. Whithit and Mr. Creak. A must for all Non-Skolars.