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Six Appeal
By Ubisoft
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #72

Six Appeal

What a witty title, eh Spec-chums? (Cough). Oh well, it's the games that matter. And here they come now.

Pick 'N Pile

Strain your brain with this match-the-coloured-tiles (whilst-cursing-the-simulated-gravity) puzzle game. The twist is that you can move the tiles to anywhere on the screen - so the inevitable rainbow splash is nobody's fault but your own (heh heh). Nicely presented and with a sadistically large number of levels, this is the kind of game you'll either hate or scream at a lot. I screamed a lot! 76%

Puffy's Saga

Gauntlet gets cute as you take on the podgy form of a lovesick sponge. Huge mazes and small graphics means there's always plenty going on and, while sadly there's no two-player option, solving the levels is great fun. Cute, playable, addictive and, er, cute. Puffy's Saga also features the best-ever use of sampled speech (a pity it's incomprehensible). 83%

P-47 Thunderbolt

Basically 1943 flipped 180 degrees, this is yet another bland shoot-'em-up. You could play it with your eyes closed. I did. Zzzz. 40%

Rick Dangerous

Tougher than tough, Indier than Indy, international sparklie-nabber Richard E Dangerous has been entombed in a South American temple by some irate South Americans. All that stands between him and sticky doom are his wits, his hat and several offensive weapons. As you've probably guessed, this is a platform game, and a feature-packed one at that. The graphics are comically chubby, the snazzy music is a pastiche of adventure serial themes and the puzzles are diabolically sneaky. Alas, the game is almost criminally difficult, meaning most Spec-chums won't get to see the best bits. Which is a real shame. 79%


A Black Tiger rip-off, um, homage that doesn't quite work. Over-complicated graphics and repetitive gameplay conspire against it. Unlikely to set your Speccy alight, unless you accidentally fire a magnesium flare into it while playing. 54%

Twin World

Become a pixie in this Wonderboyish platform game. Snappily presented with detailed graphics and nifty sound effects. It's easy to get into and has playability coming out of its little pointy ears. With 23 pixie-packed levels there's loads of long-term interest, and overall it's dandier than Beau Brummel's most fashionable trousers. 90%


With four strong games, this pack is a bit of a barg. Ask for it by name! (Um, on second thoughts don't!)

Jon Pillar

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