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ZX Computing

Sir Lancelot
By Melbourne House
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in ZX Computing #17

Sir Lancelot

Another game for the 16K Spectrum (Hooray!) is Sir Lancelot from Melbourne House, so a good quality game can be expected.

Sir Lancelot is loaded using rapidload, which is supposed to speed up loading times by half. This is a very good idea for 48K games (why didn't they adopt this with Holmes?) but there is no real need for this with a 16K game and I did not notice any improvement in loading speed.

Unfortunately, this is another grab and collect program and is of the same genre as all the others. Can we possibly have something else please?

You, as Sir Lancelot, need to go through 24 rooms in the castle and collect all the treasure that is hanging around. Animals do the guarding of the treasure and there is a time limit for you to gather everything in the room and scarper to the exit before the time runs out and a life is lost.

The action is fast, as you move Sir Lancelot around with O for left, P for right and CAPS SHIFT to jump.

With a suggested completion time of three weeks, the game should keep you amused for some time. The graphics and sound are alright, but nothing brilliant. The largest letdown is that, every time a life is lost, you have to wait for the funeral march to be played.

David Harwood