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Home Computing Weekly

Sir Lancelot
By Melbourne House
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #88

Step back in time and become a knight in shining armour! You are Sir Lancelot and must explore twenty-four rooms of a castle. To reach the next screen you have to collect several flashing objects, by leaping about on platforms and up moving staircases. Out to stop you, of course, are a time limit, birds, dogs, pacmen and cooking pots with legs.

Here we have yet another arcade adventure. The important difference is that this game will run on any Spectrum. This is a remarkable programming achievement, but I wonder how many 16K owners remain. Indeed, Sinclair are discontinuing advertising it soon anyway.

Still, the game is pretty good. The graphics are startlingly smooth, definitely up to standard, and very fast. The aliens are well defined although there are not very many varieties due to memory limitations.

Colour is very good, there is a wonderful opening tune, but why does it have to play the funeral march very slowly every time you lose a life? This mars the playability.

This is a good game, fast enough to be addictive, and a must buy for 16K owners.