Sigma Seven
By Encore
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Computer & Video Games #96

Sigma Seven

Drifting towards us through the murky mists of time is this odd soft of spacey shoot-'em-up/Pac-Man game. Briefly fight your way through squadrons of space meanies in an unmanoeuvrable spaceship, then guide a Hovvertank around a factory maze, sucking up blobs and dodging robots. After that, there's a strange puzzle game to keep you occupied.

The action throughout is displayed in a sort of Zaxxon-esque 3D which looks quite nice, but means things jerk around slo-o-owly on the Spectrum and Amstrad versions. The Commodore version is a lot smoother and faster, though, and if it wasn't for the unexciting and frustrating gameplay, it would be alright. Unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to be.


Passable music and graphics, but the only really good thing going for Sigma 7 is the price tag.


Slower and quieter than its Commodore counterpart, and no more playable for it.


Nice music and some pretty colours, but this version is the slowest and jerkiest of the lot.