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Sigma 7
By Durell
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #69

Sigma 7

Durell has converted this three part, seven level arcade oddity to the Amstrad. But the question is... why? Having previously failed to set the world on fire with Spectrum and Commodore versions of Sigma 7. And considering the current miserable climate for Amstrad games, one wonders whether it was worth it.

The game itself draws on Zaxxon for part one, Pacman in part two, and Bobby Bearing to round off proceedings in part three. Unfortunately, at no stage does Sigma 7 recapture the graphical or entertainment excellence achieved by these games.

From a technical perspective, the conversion is at best average, resulting in clumsy screen handling and frustrating gameplay, especially in part one. At a price of £7.95, this is the kind of full-priced title that must make Mastertronic rub their hands with glee. Unless you've got good reason, give this one a miss.