Big K


Publisher: Dragon Data
Machine: Dragon 32

Published in Big K #2


Naff NASA nonsense that's guaranteed to induce intergalactic size yawns. As pilot of the slowest space shuttle ever bolted together you must crawl into the upper atmosphere and disable a fleet of hostile alien satellites. Presumably by boring them out of the skies.

It's a punishing task. Shuttlezap is in fact a futuristic cousin to Dragon Data's other notable dodo, Jump Jet. As before, a reasonable concept has been sunk by the use of Basic which is far too slow for this kind of program.

But, like its predecessor, it features some impressive speech synthesis. Strange electronic comments pester you throughout the game. It's like having someone with a bad throat hanging over your shoulder.

A pity the routines couldn't have found their way into a better game. All in all, not the right stuff.