Electron User

By Budgie
Acorn Electron

Published in Electron User 3.09

Sliding block puzzles are still a popular pastime for children and adults alike. Shuffle gives a choice of fifteen different pictures for you to sort out.

The basic idea is that a picture is drawn on the screen, divided into squares, and these squares are then shuffled. Your task is to get them back into the correct order and so re-make the picture.

There are three levels of difficulty. At the first level the picture needs only a few moves to get it back in order, whereas the third level will require many more.


The sound, which is simple but meaningful, can be turned off if required. You may mark the edge of any square with lines if you wish. The pictures range from sequences of letters or numbers, through pictures of houses or flags to a series of patterns. All are pleasantly coloured, and a lot easier to complete with a colour television.

One of the spiral patterns is very difficult. It makes use of flashing colours and looks like nothing on earth until it is completed.

Technically the program is very good. My main gripes are that the keyboard repeat is left on and the choice of keys is unusual. There is, however, a First Byte joystick option within the program and it works with a Plus 1 joystick too if you use the Joyplus program in the Electron User for April 1985.

This is a worthwhile program, with many interesting features. At the easy level, it could appeal to five-year-olds, but the flashing spiral takes it right through to Einstein standard.

Rog Frost

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