ZX Computing

Short Vowel Sounds

Author: Peter Shaw
Publisher: Sherston Software
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #10

Short Vowel Sounds

Short Vowel Sounds (like the ones in cAt, hIt and pOt) are the subject of this educational cassette from Sherston Software.

The program itself is divided up into three sections which test the young child's ability to recognise an object's shown on the screen and then choose the correct vowel sound from a choice (for example, cat cot cit cet cut).

In the first section, the child is only rewarded by a large tick and a bleep for the correct answer which is a little disappointing - a happy cartoon character or something of the like would be a bigger incentive to do well. The second section consists of the child having to complete a sentence, the picture on the screen indicating the correct word. Again, the child chooses the correct answer from a selection of possibilities.

Overall, the program is good enough for use in primary schools and reasonably priced at £7.

Peter Shaw

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