Big K


Publisher: Dragon Data
Machine: Dragon 32

Published in Big K #6


A reasonably amusing little adventure that would seem eventually to lead to the end of a rainbow and, of course, the pot of gold concealed thereabouts by cautious leprechauns. So the blurb would have it, anyway.

Odd, then, that it begins in a city people with stroppy landlords, vicious muggers and cops ever vigilant for cases of indecent exposure. (Be warned: once in jail, there is not only no way out, but also no way of QUITing the game. If you haven't SAVEd, you'll simply have to LOAD up again.)

Of Little People there is, however, no sign. Unless O'Malley the Irish barman is a leprechaun, that is. It seems unlikely.

Presumably all hinges on getting into the subway and whatever lies beyond. That feat has frankly proved beyond the resources of this hardy adventurer, although in the process of trying I've drunk so many beers at the O'Malley pub that I'm surprised I can still move from one location to another in a straight line.

All good fun actually. Give me pubs and muggers over dungeons and goblins any day. A limited vocabulary and fairly dull graphics don't spoil what turns out to be a pleasantly thorny game.