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Shanghai Warriors
By Players
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #44

Shanghai Warriors

Not to be confused with Shanghai Warrior, of course. It's a nifty trick, innit, just bunging an 's' on the end of a successful game. Well it ain't! It's a rather tatty Renegade clone from Players, with indifferent graphics, dullsville gameplay and fewer new ideas than Status Quo. When you finally manage to load it up (it's a multiload marathon), all you see are yourself and three thugs jumping around aimlessly. Punch them out and they disappear, Renegade-style. Then it's onto the next stretch of road and more of the same. You keep on playing, desperately trying to find something a little more interesting to do, but that's it. There is the occasional weapon to pick up, but that's about it too. So, not a memorable game by any means. Efficiently programmed, for sure, but utterly, utterly lacking in inspiration.

Marcus Berkmann

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