Sinclair User

Shadowfire Tuner

Author: Clare Edgeley
Publisher: Beyond
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #42

Shadowfire Tuner

BEYOND has come up with a cheap package which will prolong the life of the icon-driven adventure Shadowfire by allowing you an infinite variety of changes in the conditions of each game.

There are two ways to use the Tuner - one for cheating and the other to create a totally new game.

To cheat, play Shadowfire as far as you are able, then save your last position on a blank tape. Load in the Tuner and the save position - that only takes a few minutes and is very simple. Now start experimenting. You can give the Enigma team extra strength, agility and anything else you care to bestow on them.

You may want to move them to different positions in Zoff V - the enemy space ship - lock some doors and open others. Kill off some members and make others prisoners. You can even outline the routes the General's troops must patrol and in that way know which areas to avoid.

Once the changes have been made, save them and load up both Shadowfire and the alterations made with the Tuner. Battle commences again, but with the odds stacked in your favour.

Alternatively, the process can be reversed to create a new game from scratch by loading the Tuner, making the desired changes which should be saved and then loaded once Shadowfire is on screen.

The beauty of the Tuner is that any game can be made as complicated or simple as you please. It has been well laid out and is icon driven in the same style as Shadowfire. Once you've got the hang of the instructions it is easy to implement.

Clare Edgeley

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