Sinclair User

Shadow Skimmer
By The Edge
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #76

Shadow Skimmer

When Shadow Skimmer first appeared, jaws dropped, eyes boggled, and quiet burbling noises were heard from reviewers everywhere. The brilliant graphic design, complete lack of colour clash, and incredibly fast screen-flipping were like nothing ever seen before. Unfortunately, the gameplay doesn't really stand the test of time.

You pilot a surveillance craft moving over the surface of a giant automated space station. The station's guardian droids have gone loony and think you're an intruder, so to put things right you must dear 3 areas of droids with your lasers.

At the and of each area there's a device to be destroyed before you move on to the next. There's not much more to it except the inertial effects by which your ship is bounced all over the place by the aliens. While the fast screen-flipping here is very impressive, it makes the game difficult to play and you can soon feel frustration setting in. Shadow Skimmer doesn't retain all its initial charm, but at this price it's worth seeing nonetheless.

Overall Summary

Another SU Classic at a budget price, but is the game play as good as the graphics?

Chris Jenkins

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