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Scull PD Disc #43
By Scull PD
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #67

Jason And The Argonauts

Your quest is to sail to the island of the Gods and find the Golden Fleece so that you can return home and claim your rightful throne from Pelias, who stole it after your father, Aeson, was killed. Unfortunately, your ship was in a freak storm and you lost all of your crew overboard (perhaps the game should be called Jason!): luckily, you survived (bit convenient really!).

Jason is a well-structured game written (again!) by Simon Avery. It's based on the Jason legend (and probably the film) and you'll meet the cyclops, sheep(!), a sphinx, dragon, centaur and other mythical creatures.


This is the third in the "adult" adventure trilogy by Simon Avery. You are Baz, a rather disappointing example of British youth. You live in a small town which scores a massive -1 for nightlife. To escape this boredom, you decide to go and find heaven. The only problem is you have led a far from angelic lifestyle so you can't got there by normal means (i.e. dying!)

Boredom is an average game with good humour in places but also some unfunny parts. Do not play Boredom if you are easily offended.

Dungeon Adventure

You have been captured and placed in a dungeon by some nasty trolls and must find your way out and back to your mum before she notices you have gone.

Typical dungeon exploration game with extra Simon Avery touches.

The Secrets Of Ur

This is a text adventure quilled by Bill Clews. Having gleaned important information from very ancient archives, you have set out to find a remote temple in the middle of an Amazonian jungle in which may be found the answers to Life, the Universe and Everything...

The adventure starts with you in a plane flying over a jungle. Suddenly, the engines splutter and go dead... you must get out before the plane crashes!

Ur is a good game, but be warned, you will need to make frequent saves as it is very easy to die! Even getting out of the plane is not easy you have only a very short time to grab a parachute and jump.


A quilled game by Dino. After arriving home last night under the influence of a certain few beverages, you have been grounded for a month.

There is only one problem; as chance would have it, you arranged to meet a girl tonight. So you set out to find the keys and escape from your parent's clutches. Bad Simon Avery take-off with poor spelling and no exit descriptions - nothing to rave about.

Jungle Bunny

You play the part of Tizpan, a regular hero who lives in a normal bamboo hut in a tree in the deepest of the jungles. Untouched by outside contact, you survive with the aid of Jayne, your lovely lady savage. You wake one morning to find your beloved Jayne has been kidnapped. Not sure how you can live without her, you resolve to find her...

The Balrog

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