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Home Computing Weekly

Scramble 64
By Interceptor Micros
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #27

You are the pilot of a space ship and you have to travel across the planet and into the caverns of this hostile and alien world.

Your fuel is limited. It can be supplemented by destroying the force field projection dishes but beware of the heat-seeking missiles determined to blast you off the screen.

You have bombs and laser with which to defend yourself and destroy the dishes.

The instructions are clear but my fingers were not nimble enough to cope with keyboard control. With a joystick you still needed the return and shift buttons for the bombs and laser.

Once you have crossed the surface of the planet (This gives you a little control practice) you enter the caverns with their restricted space for manoeuvering. If you lose a life here you go back to the beginning of the cavern not back to the beginning of the game.

Even if you still have all five lives when you enter the caverns, it's not easy to get through them. I found this not as compulsive as some other games but enjoyable all the same.


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