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Scorpions 2.0
By Xxl
Atari XE/XL

Published in RGCD #1

Probably one of the best logical games available for the 8-bit Atari.

Scorpions 2.0

Released at the end of 2006 with practically no fan-fare or even a supporting website, Scorpions 2.0 is possibly one of the best logical puzzle games available for the 8-bit Atari. A port of a recent Flash game called MyHouse by Yamagame/Aono, Scorpion's simplistic game-play yet mind-meltingly difficult level design have made it incredibly popular throughout the Atari XE/XL community.

Simply put, the game puts you in control of a number of scorpions who move in unison, and it's your task to get them all back into their homes by using the on-screen obstacles to manoeuvre them into the correct formation using the minimum number moves. Sound's easy? Well, I can assure you that it certainly isn't.

Unfortunately I'm totally crap at most logical games, so I've unable to progress particularly far into the game unaided (I was stuck on level two for an embarrassingly long time), but thoughtfully the development team have included the ability to skip through all of the 24 levels via use of the 'Select' key. Not only has this made my job as reviewer considerably easier, but it means that players can see all the game has to offer, even if they get as hopelessly stuck as I did.

The production quality of the game is higher than most of the titles released in the Atari's commercial life, with an outstanding title screen and excellent in-game music. Also, the port has considerably more levels than were playable in the original Flash game, and since version one (which was released at the beginning of last year) the programmer has changed the default control method from keyboard to joystick, giving Scorpions an authentic old-school arcade feel.

Due to its frustrating and logical nature, Scorpions won't be everyone's cup of tea - but if you enjoy forward-thinking puzzle games then I strongly recommend that you give it a go.

James Monkman

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