Home Computing Weekly

By Imagine
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #14

I suppose that after Arcadia anything would be a let-down, and this certainly is. Very high resolution graphics are all very well, but in black and white? On a Spectrum?

Basically you have to pilot your somewhat fragile space bulldozer around the screen, avoiding the large spinning shapes which wander on from all directions. In the centre of the screen is a Black Hole, looking rather like a Christmas Tree star having a fit.

Once bulldozed into said hole the shapes disappear, but don't expect to score any points. You don't score points at all in Schizoids - you simply exist. The number of seconds for which you manage this feat becomes your score.

Easy? Not at all. Your bulldozer explodes if hit in the sides, and if hit head on at any great speed. So the whole game can be reduced to just steering the craft around and staying out of trouble.


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