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By Level 9 Computing
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in Computer & Video Games #97


There's one thing you can be sure of when you play Scapeghost - you won't make a fatal mistake that will get you killed. How come? You're already dead when the game starts! In fact, you start your existence in this game by watching the crowd disperse at the end of your own funeral, and from then on, it's up to you to prove how effective a ghost you can be.

The adventure is in three parts, and whilst each can be played separately, it's far better to treat the game as one whole adventure. In this case, on the Amiga at least, moving between parts is almost transparent to the player. Playing a part out of order will undoubtedly spoil the story as a whole.

Scapeghost has all the usual Level 9 commands. You can GOTO a named location, character, or obejct, talk to other characters and ask them to carry out tasks for you. And with RAMSAVE and UNDO commands, you have a slick set of tools at your disposal for getting you out of trouble. On versions with graphics, the pictures slide up and down under mouse control, and refresh in situ.

Scapeghost combines a very original storyline with some highly unusual puzzles based on the supposed characteristics of ghosts. The high level commands available make it a pleasure to play, and free from frustration even if a silly mistake is made. The puzzles range from easy to quite hard, and there are clues in the text to guide the player, making this a game anyone should be able to tackle with confidence.

Despite the occasional glitch, I rank Scapeghost as Level 9's most enjoyable adventure. Their most enjoyable adventure of all time, in fact, because sadly Level 9 have announced that this is to be their final adventure.


A jolly good adventure which will doubtless appeal to all adventure players.

Keith Campbell

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