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By Leisure Genius
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #52


I used to love playing with my Scalextric set. It's the nearest I've ever come to real motor racing. Building a track was half the fun, racing the cars the other half. But all that plastic track and little buildings took up a lot of room - and the dog was always crashing across the circuit at crucial moments.

Now, thanks to Leisure Genius, the problem is solved. They've crammed all the bits of track and a couple of cars into the C64 - with Spectrum and Amstrad versions to follow.

It's like Pitstop II - without the pitstops but with a track building option like Ariolasoft's Racing Destruction Set.

When you're racing, you get a split-screen display as in Pitstop II. You can race against the computer or a friend. There are 17 pre-set tracks based in the Grand Prix circuits of the world. These have varying difficulty levels.

You get a "construction window", while at the top of the screen you see icons representing different bits of track available to you.

These include different straights, corners and chicanes. Different bits of track have different characteristics when you actually come to race.

Scalextric is a challenging split-screen race game. One for race addicts who like building their own tracks. Better than Racing Destruction Set but not quite Pitstop II which, in our humble opinion, still holds Pole Position.