Scalextric (Leisure Genius) Review | Computer & Video Games - Everygamegoing


By Leisure Genius
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #65


Another game we've all been waiting ages for. The Spectrum version of the legendary slot car racing game. There was a time when everyone who was anyone had their front room full of bits of track, cars and trailing wires.

Now you can forget all the mess and bent bits of track and play the whole thing on your trusty Speccy. Not quite the same as the real thing - but at least you can build your own tracks, complete with chicanes and skid patches.

After you've built a track or simply chosen one of the seventeen famous Formula One tracks included ready made on the tape. Building the track is done by using a simple object menu - and the program even finishes off your track for you if you've got everything in the right place. Very user-friendly.

The actual race screen is split into two, as in Pitstop II. In fact this game is the closest you'll get to Pitstop on the Spectrum.

The race sequence looks OK but it's a bit slow and it seems pretty easy to beat the computer-controlled car. The growing engine sound effects get a bit monotonous as well.

It's fun attempting to beat lap records - and controlling the car is tricky at higher speeds. There's simulated G-force when you corner and, yes, you can skid off the track if you go too wild!

Not a bad game but not an instant hit either. My guess is that, if you are a slot car racing fan you'll have more fun with the real thing. But if you're after a well put together race game for your Spectrum than at least have a look at this offering.