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Computer Gamer

By Leisure Genius
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #24


Everyone must have either owned or played with a Scalextric set at some time in their lives. Consequently, it's hardly surprising that the world's best known slot car system is now a computer game.

The advantage of computerised Scalextric is that you have an almost unlimited supply of straights, bends and chicanes that you can set out without taking over the whole house. Once you've designed your track, you can save it on tape or race it straight away.

The races feature a split-screen display showing each driver's car, the track and some background scenery as the drivers hurtle around the track. Small circuit diagrams at the bottom of the screen keep track of the stats of the race and alongside them are the all-important speedometers. You can reach a top speed of 240mph on the straight but you'll have to slow down for the corners and the chicanes or risk spinning off.

You can bump and push the other car to get into position but blatant ramming usually means that the race quite literally goes up in flames.

Add to that lot seven Formula One circuits to practise your driving skills and the result is an enjoyable and versatile racing game.