Scalextric (Virgin/Leisure Genius) Review | ZX Computing - Everygamegoing

ZX Computing

By Leisure Genius
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #36


Scalextric arrives on the Spectrum as a sophisticated construction set with almost limitless possibilities for designing your own tracks as well as seventeen pre-set simulated Formula 1 circuits.

Constructing a circuit is simplicity itself with an icon-driven system and there is the option to save the tracks you've built. Racing takes place on a split-screen display where you have the option to race in two player mode or against a computer-controlled car. There's also a plan view of the whole circuit which plots your position during a lap - a useful aid when trying to anticipate sharp bends.

This computer simulation offers plenty of variety as far as tracks are concerned but because every race is just a two car race the racing action can become stale very quickly. If may have been an idea to change the Scalextric formula and include a larger field of cars, weaving your way through back markers can be just as satisfying as winning.

One area of racing that has at last got some attention is crashing. In most simulations whatever happens in one player mode it's always your fault and you are eliminated, whereas in Scalextric the rule is that the car approaching from behind is always the loser, but if the difference in speed between the two colliding cars is less than 20 miles an hour there's no crash - the front car is just shunted along the track.

A good value package only lacking the competitive edge that comes from having a grid full of cars racing round the track.