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Savage Island Part 2
By Tynesoft

Published in Computer & Video Games #67

Savage Island Part 2

To get into Part Two, you need the password that ends Part One. But there is the snag - Scott has provided two different passwords, one of which allows you to carry through a specific object with you - if you are carrying it with you when you complete Part One.

You enter the game completely naked, facing a forcefield. One short step through it and you meet a gory end in a vacuum. But before long, you'll have solved that little problem, to find yourself inside an alien space ship, where you soon meet up with a Neanderthal man.

You must experiment with the object you brought with you in a rather unobvious way, and learn how to psycho-transfigure, to eventually solve the mystery of the stone head on the beach, and the reason for the disappearance of dinosaurs from the face of the earth. Be warned - it is very difficult!

And overpriced too. I would have thought these games would have been better bundled together, and sold at about £6.50 for the text version and £9.95 for the graphics versions, to make them comparable value to the Scott Adams Scoops tape from US Gold.