Home Computing Weekly

SAS Commander

Author: J.H.D.
Publisher: Comsoft
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #85

I wonder when someone will produce some gentle games?

SAS Commander is in the "kill as many as you can" mould, but I enjoyed it because of the small number of keys required. Not that it is easy to play, it's just that some programs get my fingers knotted so I lose co-ordination.

The scene is a street reminicent of a wild west town and ten terrorists are hidden in the buildings. You must kill each of the ten as they appear without getting shot yourself. There are three different street scenes but all ten terrorists have to be shot before a scene change is made. You can only sustain four wounds before losing.

Along with each scene come another ten terrorists attacking in larger groups. One problem is that your wounds follow you from one scene to the next. In addition, terrorists sometimes appear with hostages, which, if shot, produce instant dismissal from the force.

I once managed seven scene changes after the game failed to record hits against the hero, but on the whole, a good game for the price.


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