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Samantha Fox Strip Poker
By Martech
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 4.12

Poker plus pulchritude

Be the envy of your friends! Coax the delectable Samantha Fox out of her garments in the comfort and privacy of your own living room! That is assuming you can beat her in a game of strip poker.

Miss Page Three herself, has challenged you to a game of five card draw poker. Just to make things a little more interesting she has agreed to shed items of her clothing when she starts to lose.

If you're feeling sporting you could do likewise but wear a hat and coat to give yourself a sporting chance - Sam does!

You each begin the game with £1,000. Your five cards are dealt face up and Sam's face down, for obvious reasons.

At this stage the first round of betting takes place. Three possible courses of action are shown on the screen: You can throw in your hand, call, or raise the bidding.

If you wish to raise the bet you will be prompted to enter a value. The maximum bet is £100 and the minimum is £1 more than the previous bet.

Once you have both "called" you are given the opportunity to throw away any or all of your cards, which are replaced with new ones from the deck.

Then the second round of betting commences, and when you have both called again the computer displays both hands and announces the winner.

If you won then Sam hands over the money and boots up the disc drive. Within seconds the best reason you ever had for buying that high resolution monitor is filling the screen in glorious digitised black and white.

The quality of the image is very good. The same shot is displayed on several occasions until you've won sufficient of Sam's funds for her to shed a little more.

Sam's not a particularly good player, losing everything (cash!) in under an hour the first time we played.

The novelty may wear thin after a few games, but she should still prove to be a talking point at your parties. Martech has done an excellent job in spicing up a standard poker game. So how about a Tom Cruise version for the ladies?

Nev Astly

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