Home Computing Weekly

Saloon Sally

Author: G.T.
Publisher: Psion
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #40

Psion is well known for its excellent Spectrum software, and this is one of its first offerings for the BBC.

Saloon Sally, our heroine, is the hostess of a Wild West saloon. Unfortunately a drunken brawl has developed between a group of cowboys.

Sally has to run around the saloon avoiding the cowboys, while attempting to collect bars of gold which have been left lying around the tables.

Saloon Sally

Tables placed around the saloon can be pushed around by Sally to allow her to collect the gold. Careful positioning of the tables also helps to control the cowboys.

The pianist continues to play the tonky tonk piano throughout the game.

I found this game highly addictive. A certain amount of skill is needed as well as just quick reactions. The controls are well chosen and easy to master.

The instructions are printed on the cassette inlay, but are not displayed on screen. There is no explanation of the scoring system. A table of high scores is maintained starting at 1,000 points, which I found difficult to achieve during the review period.

On the whole, though, a very enjoyable game - recommended.


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