A&B Computing

Saloon Sally
By Psion
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 2.04

This game has been around for a while - and it shows. By comparison with the best of recent games, its use of graphics and sound are noticeably limited. There is also no joystick option which always annoys me!

One novel and praiseworthy feature of the game is that it features a heroine, Salloon Sally, in the title role. She has to move around a salloon full of tables and chairs - all of which surprisingly appear as plain bed blocks. These can be pushed aside to stun the chasing cowboys and/or to reveal a bar of gold to be collected by Sally.

All the while the saloon pianist plays a simple repetitive tune which drove me crazy after a while (and there is no sound off option).

Clearing a screen provides little variation in the Spartan graphics but the tune plays in a different key! The other feature worth a mention is that when Sally is caught the cowboys jump on her causing the whole screen display to shudder in rather an impressive way.

In summary, a competent but rather dull arcade game which suffers by comparison with the latest releases.

Jonathan Evans

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