By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Computer & Video Games #107


From beyond infinity (where else?), the despotic Salamander has arrived, and he's starting killing people and generally causing a lot of havoc and mayhem. Bad news, huh?

A hero is needed and this is where you come in. Take your battle-scarred Warp Rattler into four levels of shoot-'em-up action, collecting add-on weaponry and generally letting Salamander's minions eat photon death.

On the C64 at least, Salamander is an absolutely stunning conversion, that simply demands immediate purchase (shame about the multi-load though). On the Spectrum and Amstrad, I'm afraid things aren't quite so rosy. The playing area is rather small and action is a tad slow - not the greatest of blasters by a long chalk.



What a blinding bargain! A totally fantastic conversion with great sprites, nice music and addictive gameplay! Buy it today!


Hmmmm. Not exactly the most exciting Spectrum blast about. There's loads of better games of this ilk available at the magic budget price.


A bit too similar to the Spectrum game, even down to the extremely cramped playing area.