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Computer Gamer

By Activision
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #26


If you think that sailing is only for the yuppies on an uneven keel then think again. Activision has just released a gamer's guide to sailing.

The game has you taking part in an eighteen nation competition. The aim is to climb the ladder of success - you begin at the bottom of the league table and by racing and beating the boats up to two places above you, you rise up the table and to glory.

To win the championship you have to come up with an ace boat design and use skill and good timing to beat your opponent.

The yacht design screen is joystick controlled. You can change your yacht's overall length, waterline length, mast height and choose whether the hull is fibreglass, aluminium or wood. Then it's onto the course for a week's racing.

During the actual race, the screen display shows a 3D view of your view ahead - if you see your opponent, you've got some work to do, and below that a wind direction compass, a radar map that plots your position.

When you decide to raise and lower your giant sail, the spinaker that gives extra speed, is crucial and since the course is triangular (you must sail around three buoys) timing is also important.

You still get some points even if you're soundly beaten and at the end of the week you can alter your boat design to match the weather forecast for the next week and try again.