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By Encore
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Crash #56


Originally released by Durell and reviewed in Issue 24, Saboteur followed in the footsteps of the company's previous hit Critical Mass (90%, Issue 23). Your job, as a mercenary highly trained in the martial arts, is to infiltrate the enemy's central security budding, which is cunningly disguised as a warehouse.

Guard dogs, as well as enemy soldiers and anti-personnel weapons stand In the way of your ultimate goal - to blow up the central computer, steal a vital computer disk, and (hopefully) escape. Guard dogs and anti-personnel weapons can be dodged but guards themselves must be despatched with a judicious punch or an accurately aimed weapon. It's not as easy as it sounds - the enemy is armed with knives and guns, and gives as good as it gets.

Saboteur first appeared over two and a half years ago and, though it looks slightly dated in comparison with some martial arts games that have been released since. it's still very playable. You can't help feeling a touch of the old angst as your character races against the clock to complete his mission and collect his hard-earned pay. Overall, it's a pleasant beat-'em-up-cum-strategy game that isn't quite as good as some of the more recent 'bash all that moves' offerings, but still worth a look.

Mark CaswellKati Hamza

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