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S. D. I.
By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Sinclair User #113


With the never ending controversy surrounding Ronald Reagan's Star Wars program it seems that the bunglers in the not-so-white White House are a long way away from realising the Great Wrinkly One's dream of stratospheric domination. Yet with SDI you, the wargaming public, may never get any closer.

Controlling a deadly satellite orbiting the earth from 100 miles you are the sole protector of the planet. Using a cross-hair cursor the satellite warrior must direct the satellite's defence system towards targets using the joystick. A cosmic prod on the fire button emits an awesome trail of laser death that will hopefully save the Earth and your Aunty Gladys who lives in Wopping.

Now we're talking. Zipping all over the screen dodging various debris, satellite parts, fighters, huge missiles and meteors at the same time as spewing huge pulses of electro-plasma from a little cross on the end of an umbilical cord. I was really getting into this!

Controls are very easy to get to grips with and provides the would-be star hero two options. Whilst pressing the fire button the satellite will either stay still as the cursor moves about it or it can move with the sight at the same time. An additional player can play simultaneously either controlling the macho moon via the keyboard or taking the role of destructor and firing with the joystick.

Graphics are a bit lacking in all departments, but what's there is appealing enough, where as the sound that accompanies each explosion grinds menacingly and fuels your enthusiasm for more mayhem. Extra cross-hairs can be obtained by grabbing special pods and at the end of each round your performance is shown by a statistical bar chart. Nice.

Not a bad little game and what's there is very enjoyable. I wouldn't fancy its chances with a die hard shoot-'em-up fan though; it's just a tad too easy. If you're looking for original gameplay and something like St. Dragon meets Missile Command then check this out.

Steve Keen

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