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Rupert And The Ice Palace
By Quicksilva
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #50

Rupert And The Ice Palace

After having a tough time getting to the Toymaker's Party, Rupert is back attempting to rescue his woodland pals from the Ice Palace. The latest Rupert game follows the hop, skip and jump format of the first.

The graphics are as good as the original. Gameplay, despite the similarities to the first release, is a bit harder.

The object of the game is to unfreeze Rupert's friends - who include good old Edward Trunk and Bill Badger - who have been captured and stuck in the freezer by Jack and Jenny Frost.

Once he's defrosted his mates and taken them back to Nutwood Cottage, Rupert discovers that all his friends have left items of clothing behind. Just *what* went on at the Toymaker's Party?!

Still, being a good mate, Rupert sets off back to the Palace to pick up the discarded clothes. And if you thought it was tough rescuing Edward, Bill and the rest, wait until you try getting their clothes back. There's this evil snowman who keeps chucking snowballs at you.

Rupert has five lives or "ice pills" to help him complete the adventure. Once he's out of pills he turns blue and heads for home. He loses pills by tripping over various obstacles, getting hit by falling icicles or by making wrong moves.

It takes quite a lot of practice to get through the first part of the game - saving your mates - without losing a life or two. And you really need all your pills to succeed in the second part.

Overall, quite a challenging game, but frustrating at first. It will probably appeal more to the gamester than Toymaker's. Don't be put off having a look at it because you think Rupert is an old sissy. The game is fun in its own right.