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Computer Gamer

Rupert And The Ice Palace
By Quicksilva
Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #9

Rupert And The Ice Palace

Another Rupert game. This time Rupert must rescue his friends from the Ice Palace.

The format of the game is single screen ladders and platforms - instead of the scrolling format used in the previous Rupert And The Toymaker's Party. Each of the co-characters is frozen and must be touched by Rupert to free them.

Various other sprites are dashing around the screen and reduce the number of ice pills that you have (i.e. lives). No more ice pills - no more game.

So you bounce from platform to platform, trying not to fall asleep. The game's first four screens are so boring that it cannot be forgiven... no, not even if the rest of the game is of Elite standard!

Nice try Quicksilva, but you need more than just a popular name to sell games to kiddies.