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Computer Gamer

By Games Workshop
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer Gamer #3


Runestone maintains the high quality that we have come to expect from Games Workshop. It is a new type of game and is a combination of a Lords Of Midnight-style landscaping game, and a text adventure.

The result is an enjoyable game with over 8,000 views of 2,000 locations filled with humans, elves, orcs and the evil Kordomir. The land in which the game is set is known as Belorn and has the usual stock of mountains, forests and icy wastes.

You control three characters as they try and complete a number of quests culminating in the destruction of Kordomir and his Orcs. Your characters are Morval the Warrior, Eliador the Elf and a Wizard called Greymarel.

The game also contains an extensive parser which understands complex text input and also allows you to issue several commands at once. This you should make good use of, if you are to survive and complete your quest.

To add to your problems, the game is played in real time, which gives you little time to plan your moves, especially when you have three characters to control at once. This problem is confounded by the fact that, while you are taking Morval for a country stroll, the other characters may be under attack, imprisoned or dead.

Runestone is a state of the art adventure which combines the graphics of a landscaping game with the depth of a text adventure.