Rugby Manager

Author: Nick Roberts
Publisher: Mastertronic Plus
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Crash #83

Rugby Manager

Fed up with managing football teams? How about Rugby instead? This is a superbly presented management game. The objective is to put together the best players possible and take your team on to win the league.

The main screen has you sitting at your desk with objects around you. Pressing fire on these objects will select pull down menus with all options on them. This style of control is much better than the usual text only screens of management games.

Options available to all budding managers include player movement, transfers, team statistics, play matches, view divisions and in case things get on top of you, resign as manager! Unfortunately the section where you play a match takes you back to endless other management games: you just sit there and watch a yellow line go up and down the pitch. It's supposed to represent where the ball is! Information (which team scored, who got their head kicked in,) is listed screen bottom. Rugby Manager makes a refreshing change from the endless football games and management fans will have a bit of fun playing it.

Nick Roberts

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