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Ruff And Reddy
By Hi-Tec
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Your Sinclair #57

Ruff And Reddy In The Space Adventure

Blimey - here's a turn-up for the so-called book. This one's another ancient cartoon licence thingy from those boys down at Hi-Tec. And, as with all their other games, it's another scrolly arcade adventure thingy. What a surprise, eh? Anyone remember the original Ruff And Reddy cartoon? Ruff was this cat, and Reddy was this dog, and, um, that's all I can remember really. Now, though, after agreeing to test Professor Noodles' Pocket Rocket, they've only gone and crashed it on a planet miles away from anywhere. What clots they are. And if that wasn't bad enough, Reddy's been kidnapped, and the only way Ruff can save him is to rescue some of the aliens' (who are holding Reddy hostage) other chums. Or something like that, anyway.

Actually though, who cares? Not me for sure, 'cos all of this is hardly riveting - looks more like an excuse for a walk-about-and- solve-puzzles type game to me, and a not a particularly good one at that. Then again, it's not that bad either - you've got to be fair in this business, y'know. In fact, I've completely changed my mind. Yep, it's now official - I think Ruff And Ready is, in fact, quite good. Blimey, what is going on?

Rich Pelley

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