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Football Quick Quiz
By Cassell Ltd
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #26

Rothman's Football Quick Quiz Volume 1

As you can imagine, Rothmans Football Quick Quiz is a football quiz program. It boasts 1,000 questions on all aspects of football FA Cup, League Cup, personalities, trivia in fact it tests just about every avenue of foot- ball knowledge.

Up to four people or teams can be quizzed together, and at the start a list of eighteen foot-balling subjects is displayed. Once a choice has been made, the appropriate section of the program loads and then information on the number of players and their names needs to be input.

The computer acts as quizmaster and can present questions in three ways: Assigned; Three In A Row and The Race. Alternatively, the Full Quiz option is a mixture of the three styles of quiz. 'Assigned' is the most basic of the three options. The computer asks each player in turn a question and gives four different answers numbered 1 to 4. Using the appropriate number key, the player chooses an answer a correct response is rewarded with a little fanfare and ten points are added to the player's score. If the computer is given a wrong answer, it points out the mistake and reveals the correct response to that question. Players are given a twenty second time limit to answer their questions take too long and the computer assumes you don't know and gives the answer. After a certain number of questions the player who has scored the most points is proclaimed the winner. If there is a tie then, a tie-breaker question is asked.

In 'Three In A Row' the game-play is the same, except a bonus of twenty points is given if a player answers three questions in a row correctly. 'The Race' has everybody scrabbling for the keyboard. When the Race option is chosen the computer asks everyone to define a 'claim' key for themselves before the game starts. The computer puts questions onto screen with a twenty second time limit. The first player to press his 'claim' key is given four seconds to answer the question. The correct answer wins ten points, but a wrong answer results in ten points being removed from the claimant's score!


Control keys: 1-4 to choose answer, Z, Q, P to claim question
Joystick: none
Keyboard play: unresponsive
Use of colour: not inspiring
Graphics: just a dire loading screen
Sound: minimal
Skill levels: one
Screens: four different quiz options

Comment 1

'As my football knowledge is limited to Hereford United, this program doesn't appeal to me at all. Sound and graphics are not "over-used", although there are a few tunes here and there (possibly to wake you up). The loading screen is really something else - I haven't seen anything as bad as this for ages. The unfortunate footballer depicted looks like he's been in a fatal accident and they've sewn his limbs back in the wrong places. In fact, when I first saw it I thought it was an anaemic lollipop standing on a giant beach ball! On the whole, I can't see four intelligent people playing this game for longer than ten minutes without falling asleep. But then, if you're a football fan, you might just see it a little differently…'

Comment 2

'Despite being a total non-footballer, I found this game quite interesting - but will it have a wide appeal range? Unfortunately, the quiz didn't hold my attention for too long. Tome, the twenty odd different subjects didn't seem particularly different! The game itself is extremely simply presented and is basic down to a point of dullness - there are no graphics and the sound consists of a few doleful poopoopbeedoops. The program is terribly overpriced - you could buy the Football Yearbook instead, and still have change. If the price was knocked down, it would be a touch more appealing but as it stands it may only to appeal to a few ardent soccer fans, and 'may only' are the operative words'

Comment 3

'I quite look forward to seeing football-related computer games. Now I've changed my mind. Rothmans Football Quiz is a very simple, non-frilly question-and-answer game. Each set of questions has to be loaded from tape - even if the part you want is in memory! The contest is very simple and would probably be ideal for a very young person. The program is obviously written in BASIC and consists of some very stupid errors routines - like if you press the BREAK key you have to wait a few seconds for it to tell you that you pressed BREAK, then you have to load the whole section again. Rothmans Football Quiz is a very un-userfriendly program without any good features and not even a redesigned character set.'