RoomLord (Paramount) Review | Big K - Everygamegoing

Big K

By Paramount
Commodore 64

Published in Big K #10


The multi-frame graphic adventure rolls ever on. To the endless army of gormless heroes, usually called Wally, Willy or Woolly, is added RoomLord. The non-W name notwithstanding, he still looks like a Wally to me.

RoomLord has you braving the perils of your haunted family mansion, a la Jet Set Willy. This is a shooting game, though, not a jumping one - the object being to clear out all the bizarre meanies in order to repossess your family heirlooms. Unlike other such games, which look like descendants of Kong with their girders and ledges, this one is laid out in plan form. Anything for a change, say I. The villains include Cyclopses, gangsters and giant eyes, and all the rooms are full of little tricks and traps. I particularly liked the Dragon room. Mean trick to pull, that.

There are sixteen rooms on four levels, and although the ground floor is relatively simple, the pace hots up fast. It's a simpler game than most of the others of this type, but I liked it for that, being a hopeless Manic Miner player.

Lightweight but fun.