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Ronnie Goes To Hollywood
By 8th Day
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #77

Ronnie Goes To Hollywood

"You are lying in bed under thick covers in the master bedroom of The White House. The blankets are crocheted with tiny motifs showing tanks and aeroplanes..."

Getting up, Ronnie hotices that there is a limpet mine attached to his bed - better get out of here in a hurry! But where are his trousers?

Dressing has its hazards, since the trousers turn out to be down the corridor in Nancy's powder room - a naked security gard in a wardrobe hands them over. Stopping briefly to bath (must get rid of the rotten eggs thrown when he ventured onto the balcony!) Ronnie retrieves his toy submarine, puts on your surgical truss (enables him to carry more objects!) and heads downstairs for the press conference in the foyer.

Unpeturbed by the explosion upstairs that blows the top floor of the White House away, he reads his speech, and leave to get on with the job of running the USA. What's your next move, Ron?

Ronnie Goes To Hollywood is an adventure in which you, as Ronnie, act very much along the lines of your Spitting Image. The opening sequence is a little confusing to play, since only when Ronnie is fully dressed will Nancy present you with the speech. This involves having a bath after you have been out onto the balcony with your trousers.

This is a graphic adventure, although there are only relatively few pictures. In addition to the pictures, a novel presentation system is used to operate the White House computer terminal.

Overall, here is a highly amusing adventure, well worth the £3.99 mail order asking price.

Michael White

Michael White got hooked on adventures when he bought a copy of Velnor's Lair, obtained by mail order years ago from Derek Brewster's software company. But what got him into writing adventures was what he still regards as his favourite adventure - Level 9's Adventure Quest.

Some four years ago Michael formed 8th Day Software, now with some eleven titles behind it. 8th Day first became known to the adventuring public with some of the very first Quilled adventures, in a series called "Games Without Frontiers".

All 8th Day adventures are sold by mail order from his home. His most recent before Ronnie Goes To Hollywood, was HRH, with which he attempted to "go commercial" and market the game through distributors. "It was the salesman in me, I suppose," said Michael.