Roly Poly Goes To Hospital
By David Todd Software
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #19

Roly Poly Goes to Hospital

Roly Poly is a new character to the computer games scene and in this game he is trying his best to help our National Health Hospitals out with their equipment shortage.

The game features more than thirty rooms, each containing at least two items of urgently needed medical equipment. The little rotund character, Roly Poly, must be guided past obstacles as he explores the building, The hazards include just about anything on the screen. For instance, the first screen has a series of little pyramids on the floor which must be jumped over but at the same time you must avoid being squashed by flying bus stops. The first object to be picked up is a scalpel but that can only be reached if you jump onto a very narrow little wall. Later on the rooms become a little more complex and other features, such as a lift, can be used to reach the different levels.


Control keys: Q to P in pairs for left/right, A to jump
Joystick: Kempston and cursor
Keyboard play: responds well
Use of colour: flat but smart
Graphics: smooth and detailed
Sound: limited to spot effects
Skill levels: one, and a practice level
Lives: five
Screens: over 30

Comment 1

'My first impression of Roly Poly in Hospital was "gosh chaps this looks a bit like Manic Miner in Hospital". Yes I know there's no such game but if there was... I found the game pretty difficult to play because the character seems to jump such a long way, but I suppose that's part of the game. Nevertheless the game is both fun and challenging. The graphics are neat, smooth and fairly colourful. Maybe worth a look for the price'

Comment 2

'This game resembles Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy but it is very much harder to play, even after the practice mode. I have only managed to get to the seventh screen so I'm sure that it will take ages to play though the whole game. The graphics are well animated, small and neat. The sound only has spot effects but there is a smart if disjointed tune at the start. I think on the whole that the game is a little too hard, otherwise it would have been much more addictive. Without some victories you begin to lose the sense of achievement that drives you on.'

Comment 3

'While I was impressed by the quality and the colour of the graphics I think the game could have been a little faster. I have spent a long time playing this game and I am a long way from solving it. I'm not sure that just because a game is ultra hard that should make it good. But considering the quality of the programming I think I can safely recommend it to the masochists among you.'

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