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Amstrad Action

Rolling Thunder
By U. S. Gold
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #30

Geldra is the head of a secret organisation that must be stopped. The location of the HQ has been determined and you have to penetrate all ten levels of it.

The levels scroll horizontally and have balconies, doorways and a variety of obstacles in your path. They are guarded by Geldra's guards who are out to kill you. Fortunately, you have a pistol and a machine gun, but in your haste to depart you picked up only a little pistol ammo and no machine gun ammo at all.

The doorways are of three types: normal, pistol and machine gun. You can enter any door, but only those labelled with pistols and machine guns are very useful. Inside these doors you can reload your weapons with the appropriate type of ammunition.

The other doorways can be hidden in if there are too many guards around. The balconies allow you access to the doors on the upper level and also let you pass some of the obstacles that get in the way on the ground like the packing cases.

If you die on a level then you are sent back a long way and have to renegotiate all the hazards you had just bypassed. Later in the game you will come across automatic lasers and the fire-men (not the 999 variety) that inhabit the lava pools. If you manage to fight your way to Geldra's command centre and capture it then you'll have to meet Geldra in a final confrontation.

The graphics are terrible, animation is poor and there is very little detail in the graphics. There's a continuous tune, but that's nothing to get excited about. Sound effects are appalling too.

This is another classic example of how an arcade game completely fails to work on the home micro. The arcade game may have had a lot going for it, but all this has is a reputation based on the arcade game.

First Day Target Score

30,000 points.

Second Opinion

The gameplay is repetitive and frustrating. The graphics are terrible. The sound is disastrous too. To get any enjoyment out of the thing at all you'd need to have the patience of a saint.

Green Screen View

It looks no worse in green than it does in colour.

The Verdict

Graphics 34% N. Poor horizontal scrolling N. Even worse animation!

Sonics 46% N. Horrible continuous tune.

Grab Factor 42% P. Simple to get into. N. Irritating having to go so far back when you lose a life.

Staying Power 35% P. It'll take a long time to complete. N. You'll get bored very quickly.

Overall 37% One of the worst arcade conversions.


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