Roller Coaster
By Elite
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #52

Roller Coaster

Roll up, roll up! Take your places please for a fun packed journey around a theme park. Ride the weird ghost train, speed down the water-chute in a hollowed out log, brave the dangers of the big wheel - and finally try out the stomach-churning Roller Coaster itself!

Now, here's a new twist on the platform format. All the rides work as they would in real life.

The object of the game is to explore the fairground and discover bags of gold which are dotted around on the many rides. You may have to risk life and limb to get them.

Roller Coaster

You begin the game with five lives - you lose a life if you fall off something, get hit by something or simply run out of "lifeforce".

The graphics are extremely colourful - similar to Monty and JSW but with extra added pizazz! Sixty screens worth of pizazz to be exact.

Ride the Roller Coaster just once and you won't want to get off for a long, long time.