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Home Computing Weekly

Roland's Rat Race
By Ocean
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #114

Yes, this is a winner! It's a sort of rodent Impossible Mission. In another piece of namedropping software, it's megastar Roland Rat whose part you take against the force of computer concocted evil.

It's a true arcade/adventure style game, set in the sewer maze under London. Our hero has had to revert to his natural habitat to take a short cut to get to his Breakfast TV show - but things have changed!

To start with there are energy-sapping wellies to avoid. The accompanying notes don't quite explain why this is, nor why he has to collect pieces of door which are scattered around the underground caverns, other than to enter the inner sanctum for the final conflict. But then, why spoil a good game with logical justifications?

Roland is armed with a stic-o-matic glue-gun to slow the wellies down, and also to temporarily stop the underground train, so that he can hitch a ride on the circle line - this my five-year-old son considers to be the real object of the game.

The graphics are excellent and I love the continuous stop/go traffic jam carrying on above ground. It isn't difficult to stay alive and even amass a reasonably score by eating energy-replacing food or catching the train. But getting a good score and pacing your food consumption to be able to complete the door takes more skill. That's the way to make a game wide-ranging and long-lasting in attraction.