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Computer Gamer

Rogue Trooper
By Piranha
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #23

Rogue Trooper

Rogue Trooper is a development of a cross between a Commando game and Knight Lore where the 2000AD comic book hero scours a 3D landscape looking for the video evidence to convict the traitor that caused the ambush that wiped out his buddies. These buddies are now retained as chips in his backpack, gun and helmet and yell encouragement to Rogue to stir him on to greater deeds.

Nu-Earth is crawling with Norts that must be blasted before they get a shot at you. As you explore the desolate radioactive world you may find medikits to patch up your wounds and boxes of extra ammo among the ruins, or norts and autofiring pillboxes.

Once you've collected all eight vidtapes you can return to your ship, bring the traitor to justice and reconstitute your enthusiastic chip buddies back into genetic infantrymen.