Rock 'N Wrestle

Publisher: Melbourne House
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #58

Rock 'N Wrestle

There's not a lot you can say after suffering two "atomicdrops", a "piledriver" and "turnbuckle fly" at the hands of a bunch of unsavoury characters with the names of Flying Eagle, Vicious Vivian and Molotov Mick.

Yes, Amstrad freaks, it's your turn for a bout of grappling, with Rock 'N Wrestle.

There are a total of 25 moves, which says Melbourne House are all easily controllable with a joystick. This is open to doubt.

The colours are very bright but the animated figures tend to be very chunky.

Rock 'N Wrestle is okay, but it's nowhere near The Way Of The Exploding Fist in the fun stakes.