Computer Gamer

Rock 'N Wrestle
By Melbourne House
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer Gamer #16

Rock 'N Wrestle

This excellent wrestling simulation, which is far better than the sport it simulates, was first issued on the C64 in February. Now at last the waiting for Spectrum owners is over, but was it worth the wait?

All nine opponents are here to stop you, Gorgeous Greg, from winning the wrestling title of the world. Each has practised their speciality moves so you will have to learn all 25 moves that are available from the joystick if you are to beat the likes of Vicious Vivien, Redneck McCoy and the current champion Lord Toff.

There are softening moves such as the head butt, knee and arm jolts as well as aeroplane and armspins to get your opponent in a spin. Finally you can finish him off with the bone-crushing power drop, back-breaker or my favourite where your wrestler climbs onto the top rope and leaps on his hapless opponent.

All this takes its toll which is represented by a shrinking energy bar on the side of the screen which turns red when the end is near.

Although the gameplay is all here the action seems slower than the other versions and the graphics are a poor shadow of both the Amstrad and C64 versions with the wrestlers mere silhouettes on a colour background. Although this is unavoidable due to the Spectrum attribute problems, it does distract from the enjoyment of the game.