Computer Gamer

Rock 'N Wrestle
By Melbourne House
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #15

Rock 'N Wrestle

Rock 'N Wrestle, Melbourne House's follow up to Exploding Fist is now available for the Amstrad.

The game features your attempts as Gorgeous Greg to become world champion by beating nine opponents. However, they are equally determined to stomp on you.

First in the ring is Redneck McCoy who can be easily despatched with a few well-timed headbutts and an aeroplane spin. Then, before you have had any chance to recover, you have to grapple with the likes of Vicious Vivian, Angry Abdul and finally the reigning champion Lord Toff.

Rock 'N Wrestle

If you are going to beat them all you will have to master each of the game's 25 moves. These include bone crushing moves like the 'atomic drop', 'body slam' and 'back breaker' as well as my favourite the 'turnbuckle fly' where you climb onto ropes and leap on your hapless opponent.

I found this Amstrad conversion to be a little slower than the original C64 game. It is, however, more colourful and now you grapple in a hall packed with (silent) spectators. The greatest loss is the omission of the great rock music that the C64 had to bop (your opponent) by leaving only the grating coughing sound whenever a blow lands. Not so much Rock 'N Wrestle as Cough 'N Wrestle!

Despite this, it is still an excellent game which will soon be available for the Spectrum as well.